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Ask For A Miracle!

Do you need a miracle? Ask Me for one! Many of the situations that you find yourselves in there seems to be no answers for. I am the God of the impossible. What seems impossible to you is not impossible to Me. Does not My Word say that you would be able to do greater things than even My Son, Jesus Christ, did? If you believe that, then you can experience those things. I work through people and pour out an anointing on them, but I do not share My glory. I do not remove My gifts, but I can remove My anointing if those whom I use begin to believe that it is them doing the miracles and not Me. Humility and maturity are critical for those I choose to use. The more that I increase in you, the more that you need to decrease. See Apostle Paul’s witness of humility and how greatly I used him.

All hell is about to break loose so I pray that you have listened to the words that I have given to you about being prepared. The cries of My children have risen to a deafening pitch, and I am moving in response to those cries. Day by day more seems to be going wrong especially in certain countries. A dark winter has been spoken of by President Biden, and he has helped to create it. It is often darkest before the light and breakthrough come. Ask Me for a cure for all the negative ramifications that have resulted from the virus and vaccinations that people have gotten and I will answer. The enemy is the source of death and destruction. I am a God of life and prosperity. Trust Me!

The toppling of media, big tech and pharma have begun. They rose together, and they shall fall together. I am not against medicine, but I am against it when it does more harm than good. I am about to release ten new natural cures that will reverse many of the sicknesses that are working against My people. Pharma will not be able to patent these. Various uses of energy will be revealed that will heal and restore cells and DNA. Your life span will increase, and you shall live healthier lives.

Watch the underground and oceans as strange things will begin to happen in them. I am going to reveal buried things both literally and spiritually. Much has been deliberately hidden from My children in an effort to control them and keep them in ignorance. Watch and see and rejoice!

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