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As the year draws to a close, and you begin to look to the new year...

As the year draws to a close, and you begin to look to the new year, what are your regrets about 2019, and what are you thankful for? My question to you is are you closer to Me today than last year or further away? My desire is for you to seek after Me and My presence. I am pouring out My glory in tangible ways. In it you will experience peace, joy and yes, revelation. My Holy Spirit is being poured out to young and old, and I am revealing Myself to even those who do not know Me. The time is growing short, and many are not ready for Me to return. There is much about to happen as the shaking that I have spoken of begins. By the secular world’s view especially in America, the economic picture is better than it has been in years. I have chosen to bless America, but I am also well aware of her sins and how many have moved away from their faith and the part that I play in their lives.

With Me, nothing is impossible to you. Without Me, almost everything is impossible to you. Without My protection, the enemy would make your life hell on earth. It is the Holy Spirit that helps to guide and direct your thoughts and actions. In so many churches, My Holy Spirit is quenched as soon as someone in leadership becomes uncomfortable. In your personal lives, My Holy Spirit is grieved by your unholy choices and outright sin. The time is fastly approaching when you need to listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Your survival will depend on it. Seek Me and My Holy Spirit so your life can be blessed.

What are the desires of your heart? Only those which are according to My will are the ones that will come to pass. I call you to see things with spiritual eyes and discern truth – My truth not the world’s truth.

There is more depression in the world today than ever before because your mind focuses on world events and your fleshly desires. You are to be in the world but not of it. I created you to be in relationship with Me wherein you can experience My love, protection, peace, health, joy and long life. All your human needs can be fulfilled. Outside of this relationship, life can be very difficult and yet so many have not chosen to be a part of this relationship. This grieves Me. You are My child, and I want to be a part of every aspect of your life and help you in every way that I can just like every good parent. Return to Me.

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