• Rev. Trudy Daley

As the end of this year draws near...

As the end of this year draws near, some are thankful that it is over because for them it has not been a good year. Others have experienced some great accomplishments and wondered what the next year will bring. You tend to look at your life and often compare it to other people’s. Early in your life you had many goals, dreams and expectations in mind. Some of which were to be successful, to marry, have children and a loving home. Now, many years later, parts of those dreams came true for a time and then were shattered. Divorce, sickness, and debt have negatively impacted those dreams. None of those events were expected or wanted and yet they came. Why?

My son, Jesus Christ, came into the world to overcome the enemy that is at work in your lives trying to destroy them. Jesus has overcome death and the power of the enemy. It may not always seem that way, but it is true. I choose to bring good out of every negative event in your life whether the enemy created the situation or you did. It may take time for you to see how I have done this but look back and reflect on the ways that I have intervened in your life. Out of some of these events, I have shifted your life in a new direction to bless you and bring you closer to Me and My path for your life. It is easy to forget that you are on earth to accomplish My purposes and not your own. Yes, I want to bless you and see you with peace and joy but most of all I want you saved and healed (whole physically, emotionally and spiritually).

As the new year approaches, seek Me and be open to the changes that I want to make in your life. I will use all that you have gone through to bring understanding, wisdom and discernment to you so you are able to move forward and leave the past behind. Choose to forgive anyone that you have unforgiveness toward or that unforgiveness will keep you locked in the past. This applies to yourself as well. I am a God of precision and perfect timing. This is true for you and your life so trust Me and be at peace that I am at work bringing all things together for your good.

This road is not always easy or comfortable, but it is loving and meant to bless you and many others through you. Rejoice that My Son, Jesus Christ, has been born to save, deliver, love you and set you free.

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