• Rev. Trudy Daley

Are You Waiting Upon Me?

Are You Waiting Upon Me?

If you try to move before My timing, it will not work. If you try to step out into your plans without My anointing, it will not work so wait upon Me. My time is seen in events not necessarily specific dates. What the enemy means to accomplish can be delayed or completely destroyed. Your prayers and actions can help to determine this. Do not give up and stop praying about the issues in your life and in the world. When some of My prophets prayed, they changed the weather and the destinies of countries. You can do the same. Pray without ceasing.


I am your provider - when you ask Me to and even when you don’t and even when you haven’t realized that you needed something. In My Word, I challenge you to trust Me and allow Me to show you that I will be faithful in providing for your needs. First though, I challenge you to give Me 10 percent (a tithe) of what you receive as income. For some, this seems impossible but test Me and see the results. For those of you that I have given to you in abundance, ask Me what you are to do with that abundance. I rejoice when you do this as I can then use you to bless many and bring them into My Kingdom. Remember that your rewards are not just on earth but also in heaven!

Church Get Ready!

I am shaking My churches and those which are success driven and not seeking Me about how I want them to function will be shaken. Those churches that are trying to entertain with the ways of the world, these too will be shaken. What happens after the shaking will determine if churches survive. Those who want to succeed need to seek My presence from which will come My anointing and power. Many want to function in power but on their terms not Mine. This will not happen. What you see and listen to influences your mind and transforms it. To have the mind of Christ, you must seek Him in prayer, worship, My Word and daily time apart with Him and away from the world. War with other saints for My Kingdom to come!

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