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Are You Under Attack?

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

The enemy and all those that serve him are doing everything possible by planning events to divert attention away from their agenda and anything that would interrupt it. Included in that are all the ways that individuals are being attacked mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Fear and intimidation are rampant to control the population. The pandemic was created and used by the enemy through those who politically want to control nations and even the whole world. It worked for a while, but now people are waking up to their plans and motives.

My children, I know what the enemy has and is trying to do to you and his tactics have not changed since the beginning of time. Deception and division are two of his favorite tactics. If he can create division and cause you to turn on one another then he wins. He often will use those closest to you to try to cause the division because you are most vulnerable to them. Have you fallen into his trap and allowed yourself to be offended and separate from those close to you? His agenda is to destroy marriages, families, churches, and any organizations that work for good and to bless people. The enemy is subtle as he works through people, so you do not recognize with whom the real battle is and deal with the person that he is using instead of him.

The chaos that is taking place in the world is difficult for you and your family to cope with but if you turn to Me, I will not only give you peace but turn the chaos into good in your life as you trust Me.

Whatever the media is saying, the opposite is probably the truth. If it gets silenced, it will claim that it was attacked and shut down. Look at what I am doing in nature and the Deep State is attempting to use devices to also create the same circumstances. All is about to change so brace for what is coming in your lives, this nation and in the world. I WIN- NOT THE ENEMY in each situation. I love you and will not fail you ever!

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