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  • Rev. Trudy Daley

Are You Counting the Days?

December 27, 2022: Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley

Are You Counting The Days?

Are you counting the days until the end of the year or are you counting the days until the circumstances that you find yourself in are over? Many in the world are marking time praying that things will change very, very soon. For some, this is about to happen but not in the ways that they expect. There is much that the world has hidden from you but soon it will all be revealed. I have begun My judgment and efforts to set things right - right according to My spiritual laws and My Truth. Most of the world has been deceived and is living in ignorance. My children, it is time to wake up and become part of the battle for this world and all those who live oppressed in it. The body of Christ has power and authority which it can use to bring down anything created by evil. Use your power and authority wherever you have influence. Start now; do not wait before it is too late. I can create and destroy anything, but I choose to use My church to participate in the process so that you can learn to rule and reign which you will do with Me in the Millennium. Think about your future beyond this earth for it will exist in eternity and you shall become the person that I created you to be. Be kingdom minded and not just earthly-minded.

What Awaits You?

None of My prophets have a complete picture of what is coming. Each may have a piece that they speak of and because it is just a piece, they may be called a false prophet. You each have the ability to hear My Holy Spirit guide and direct you so seek to hear from Him because He will not miss lead you. There are many voices speaking to you to direct your path, be careful which ones you listen to. Much is about to happen suddenly. Do not fear and do not be afraid. I am in control and will protect you, Watch out for each other and help each other survive. I am blessing each of you in many ways that are not always obvious to you, but they are from My hand.

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