• Rev. Trudy Daley


Updated: Mar 3


Yes, America I have loved you and birthed you with a solid foundation which was just and took into account all men and their rights in your Bill of Rights and your

Constitution. Over the years, many have died to keep those rights safe and secure. Not all men that have been leaders of this nation have served its best interest and its people. Within the last century, some of those leaders have betrayed this nation to gain power and influence as well as financial gain. They were and are part of a group who see themselves as superior, and therefore, the ones who should decide what is best for everyone else. NOT SO!

The people of America are part of the generous nation that America has been to the world. However, leaders in the government, military, and judicial systems have had their own agendas and tried to see them fulfilled which have included wars and coups in strategic nations. As a result, people in America and these nations have suffered and been deceived as to what has and is happening. Americans, in the last decade, have been spied upon, coerced into taking an experimental vaccine, locked down, masked and had their rights and freedoms diminished. I say,” ENOUGH”. My time has come to set straight the corruption and undermining of America, and those who have precipitated these things. You are about to be dealt with - judged. I am a God of justice, and you are about to see justice meted out to those who deserve it. This will include people from the highest levels; presidents, vice presidents, supreme court justices, congressional people and all down the line including all the agencies of the government ( FBI, CIA etc.) as well as generals, governmental ambassadors and even contractors who overcharged the government. All of this is coming to an end, but as this is happening, all participants will be seeking ways not to be caught and so will set in motion distractions of many kinds. The war in Ukraine is just one of them. Several false flags are being planned against the American people. Wake up before it is too late.

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