• Rev. Trudy Daley

All is not what it appears to be!

All is not what it appears to be!

You see with your eyes and hear with your ears but often what you see and hear is what they (The Deep State) want you to see and hear, but it is not the truth but their (media, government, elites, globalists and propagandists) version of the truth. So what can you believe? Seek Me and My Holy Spirit to bring you truth through My Word and the voice of My Holy Spirit. Not all who call themselves Christians speak or teach the truth. There are many teachings that are distorted such as there are no more expressions of the gifts of the Spirit, especially the gift of speaking in tongues. Many hold to parts of My Word and ignore other parts, picking and choosing what they want to believe.

Weapons of Warfare!

The world fights with various forms of weapons; guns, tanks, airplanes, missiles, chemicals, cyber attacks, corruption, blackmail, propaganda, theft of property, lies and distortion. The enemy uses these to accomplish his goals against governments and people. You are in a physical battle in which the enemy appears to be winning but in the spiritual battle, he is about to lose. Our spiritual weapons are truth, praise and worship, prayers, forgiveness, repentance, love, endurance, hope and patience. Use these in your daily battles against the plots and plans of the enemy. The New World Order is in the process of being defeated. The revival of the church and My power, presence and glory are on the rise and spreading. Use your spiritual weapons in all the battles that you face.

Weather and the World!

Be prepared as much is about to happen that will be revealed in the weather. Earthquakes and tornadoes in various places will be happening naturally and by the enemy’s hand through HAARP (a weather producing machine). Droughts will continue but food supply droughts are being orchestrated so stock up with extra food. Blackouts and cyber attacks are being planned by The Deep State, but they will blame Russia for them. Wait upon Me as My hand is moving against your enemies (foreign and domestic) as all is not what it appears to be. I am the protector and deliverer for all My children. Look to Me, trust Me, pray for My perfect will in each situation that you face.

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