• Rev. Trudy Daley

All Exposed!

I am exposing all that has been hidden by the enemy and allowed evil to prevail. However, I am also at this time revealing in My children’s lives those things which exist that the enemy is using against them.They may have long been buried and inactive but now need to be uncovered and healed so that the enemy can not continue to use them to hinder My children and the call on their lives. I want My children to experience true freedom at every level and in every area of their lives. My son, Jesus Christ's resurrection declares that the enemy is defeated in all ways. The plans of the enemy are unraveling, and those who have participated in them are beginning to understand that they are in trouble. I have given some of them time to repent, but they have chosen not to do so therefore, they will receive My justice.

The pressure that is in the air is palatable and felt though perhaps not recognized as the spiritual battle that is taking place. The media has well hidden the truth so it seems as though nothing positive is happening but only growing more negative. Do not react to this pressure with rushed or negative choices that will not work for your ultimate good. If you allow me to, I will bring good out of every negative situation that you are in. However, you need to give Me time and trust Me.

There are changes taking place in the sun with flares being sent out that are affecting the earth. The poles of the earth are shifting, and the center of the earth is causing earthquakes to happen. The earth is groaning. Many transitions are taking place in the earth, in the universe, in the world and in you simultaneously. I am shaking and shifting governments, financial systems, and people in positions of power. For many that are, they will be no more. The enemy has released death through the Covid-19 virus, and I will use death to deal with the plans of the enemy and bring them to naught. I am also interrupting the plans of the enemy in My children’s lives. Give Me permission to change you, heal you and deliver you from all that the enemy is using against you.

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