• Rev. Trudy Daley

Acts of Treason & Playing God!

Acts of Treason!

There are many who are performing acts of treason and some that I would even call acts of high treason. Included in this are former presidents, attorney generals, generals, secretaries of state, governors and congressional people. Because they appear to have gotten away with their acts of treason, they falsely believe that they are safe from prosecution, but I say that they will be judged, if not while on earth, then definitely in the final judgement if they do not repent and ask for forgiveness from Me. There are also those in churches who are guilty of spiritual treason and betrayal as they mislead people and in some cases participate in actual evil such as trafficking children as hard as that may be to believe.

Playing God!

Man has begun trying to play god in various ways. Man believes that they can improve humans by reaching a state in which they won’t get sick, they won’t age, and will have extreme intellectual abilities. They believe that a person’s mind and thoughts can be captured and transferred into a clone or into a robot. However, these forms will be soulless. Scientists have even created the ability to cut out parts of a person’s DNA (Crisper) in an effort to remove negative conditions. Unfortunately, they have no knowledge of what else that will be affected. The foods that you eat are often made from modified plants and animals (GMOS) and are not good for you to eat. Playing God has been apparent in the whole issue of abortion and assisted suicide. It may also manifest in doctors and governments deciding who should live and who should die and when. There is a small group of people who are working hard to control the world and everyone in it. They will rule, and you will serve them or be eliminated. You may find that hard to believe, but it is true. The so called vaccines have been part of their plan which is beginning to unravel as their effectiveness has been shown to diminish. The ultimate goal of vaccines is to affect your DNA. I, however, am going to intervene in their plans and disrupt them. Wait, watch and see!

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