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A Season of War!

As you view the world scene, violence is breaking out not only in the Ukraine but also in nations where governments are trying to destroy food supplies. They are trying to pay farmers to destroy their crops and then sell their land. In many countries, fertilizer has not been available or not allowed to be used so crop sizes are diminished. There is also a war going on in the streets as violent crimes grow in number. People are moving from these areas as it is not safe even in daylight. People are run down and left to die in the street and looted while they lay there.The bail laws are such that criminals who commit violent crimes are back out on the street in hours. A spirit of chaos and violence has been released over the land as a shift in power is taking place. God is empowering and anointing His church to rise up and use their spiritual weapons against the forces of evil. This season of war will come to an end but not yet and until it does, the church is called to battle. I am pouring out more anointing on those fighting this battle. Use the weapons that I have given you: praise and worship, prayer, declarations, fasting, and binding and loosing. The victory will be yours, but the enemy will not give up easily or quickly so endure and stand fast. You are not alone. I am with you and so are My angelic armies which can put thousands to flight. Remember Gideon’s army.

The body of Christ has been under attack and also in a season of war. I am about to cleanse My church and its pulpits as many have been misled with false doctrines and teachings to their detriment. Ask Me to help you know the truth in every area of your life and be able to stand against the demonic forces trying to destroy you. Do not be a casualty of war; your personal war, the cultural war taking place or the spiritual war that you are all in. If you are suffering from wounds from any of these wars, ask Me to help and heal you and grant you a speedy recovery as well as wisdom, greater discernment and insights on how to fight the battles more effectively so that victory is yours!

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