• Rev. Trudy Daley

A New Time!

The time has come for some dramatic changes that are about to take place. The church needs to arise and take back its place in society. It can no longer be lukewarm and go with the flow of the current culture. Biblical values must be the standard by which you live. It only takes two generations to lose the basis of a culture, and you have been witnessing a generation that has been brainwashed and been used by political groups to do their bidding. These are going to be the next leaders in the world. What kind of world are they going to create that you will have to live in? You are out of time. Stand up now or lose the battle.

The prayers of many have reached My throne, and I am ready to answer them in unique and powerful ways. A shift has already taken place that you may not have experienced. My heart’s desire is to heal My children, many of whom have suffered under the hands of their earthly caregivers. The enemy has tried to destroy the lives of so many of My children, but the time of restoration is here and now. I am pouring out new anointings on many leaders for healing and deliverance. You will see much take place in small groups throughout the nation. My fire and My glory have been released and will manifest as you call upon Me to heal and deliver you.

I am calling you to a deeper walk with Me and a holier one. Before you watch TV and movies, consider their content. Would I be offended by anything in it? If so, don’t watch it. Guard the words that come from your mouth. Are they positive and uplifting and are they the truth? I hate lying because it opens the door to the enemy. I am a loving and forgiving father. Are you a loving and forgiving person? If not, change so that your witness to others reflects Me. Yes, I know that your life has many challenges in it, but I am with you during them. They are used by Me to develop you and your character so when really tough times come, you can stand.

Miracles, miracles and more miracles are about to happen. In reality, they happen on a daily basis but you miss them. Have you not noticed how I coordinate the things in your life? I take things out that would not be good for you and add in things that are better for you. Do not get frustrated when this happens. See it as My working for you and not against you.

Significant shifts are about to take place in some of your lives. You have been doing the same things for years, but that season is over, and I am closing doors and opening new ones. People will want you to stay in your old role, but if you try to, you will no longer be effective. Some of you are going to find yourselves in life and death situations. Trust Me especially in these, and I will be able to bring great blessing out of them. Many of you are still waiting for the fulfillment of promises that I gave you many years ago. The time for their fulfillment is just around the corner. Don’t give up on them. My plans for each of you are perfect if you wait upon Me. Some of you have suffered in bad relationships and marriages. I am ready to heal them. Ask Me to. Surrender every part of your lives to Me and ask Me to touch them and watch what I am about to do. Today, I am going to pour out blessings, fire, My glory, hope, health, peace, love, joy and power. Receive them.

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