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It was twenty five years from the time that I spoke to Abram about having a son as his heir - so he had to wait. It was thirty years from the time that I spoke to Mary about the son that she would have and His beginning His ministry - so she had to wait. It was four hundred years that the Jews spent in captivity before I delivered them - so they had to wait. It was almost four thousand years that the world had to wait for the birth of the Savior - so they had to wait. It is now thousands of years that people have had to wait for the return of Jesus - so you wait.

As the world goes through chaos, destruction and fear on many fronts, you are waiting for Me to act and so you wait. I will not disappoint you but actually, I am already at work both in the physical and spiritual realms. My angelic forces are carrying out many activities in various parts of the earth and skies. What are you waiting for Me to do both in the world and in your lives? Many are waiting for the promises to come to pass that I have spoken to them and so I say to them, “Keep waiting.” My prophets have been given many words about what is to take place, and they will come to pass - so I say wait! While you wait, pray, fast and be in faith.

What Happens If You Do Not Wait?

Trouble, struggles, disappointment, and frustration are just some of the things that you will experience if you do not wait upon Me but take matters into your own hands. Timing is so critical in many matters that it can literally make the difference between life and death. What happens when you do trust Me? The enemy is not able to disrupt the plans that I have for you. The same is true for the world. The enemy wants to control you more and more, and I want to set you free more and more. Ask Me for truth and reassurance about the promises that I have spoken to you and then wait!

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