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March 14, 2023, Prophetic Word Received by Rev. Trudy Daley


Lent is a season when people reflect on the journey of Jesus Christ through a period of suffering and death to a time of glorious resurrection and new life. This Lent the world is going to experience a similar situation.

There has been much darkness and suffering in the world caused by the release of the Covid-19 virus, and the mandating of the vaccines to try to prevent it. Millions died during this time causing great grief and sorrow. Your world is now going through another round of death and destruction that is coming in many forms.

You will hear the word “collapse” in relation to many things. Much is being exposed that the government and Biden want to cover up so they will use many events to distract the world from focusing on them. The recent collapse of several significant banks will certainly get everyone’s attention as people become concerned about their money and the possible loss of it. This will also distract from all that is being done to destroy our food supply. What will collapse?

All the plans of the enemy as I set in motion My plans for My America and My people. Included in their plans are great financial disruptions and an effort to bring in a new digital financial system and a global reset. Included in My plans are the collapse of all organizations that have propped up this government and its reset agenda. Many will be surprised as their lives are changed dramatically. They will think that all is well, but the next day everything will have changed.

For My people who have feared all that is happening, rejoice for Easter Sunday’s resurrection power will be at work in your life and in the world. The enemy cannot stop this from happening. Rejoice in what is coming and give thanks!

Word of Exhortation!

Body, mind, and spirit. My resurrection power is at work in every area of your life, Trust in Me and My love for you. My Word and promises are true!

Weekly Challenge: Trust Me in spite of all that you see!

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