• Rev. Trudy Daley



Do not lose hope! Hope in Me and what I am about to do. I know that the attacks have been difficult to bear, but I will sustain you and deliver you from them day by day. Rejoice in what you are about to see. Miracles and healings that will transform bodies, minds and spirits and bring restoration to your life. These will be available to all as I love all My children. Who will I use to do these things? Many whom you will be surprised at. Yes, I will even use children and teenagers. Their minds have not been filled with doubt and unbelief but will be excited to see what I will do through them.

Another Variant!

Fear, fear and more fear is what they are using once again to compel and control you. Do not buy into it. I did not give you a spirit of fear but one of love, power and a sound mind. The battles that you fight are fought mostly in your minds which the enemy tries to feed with lies and half truths. Turn to Me and My Word for truth. Ask yourselves the question, “ who wants good for me?” Look at the results of the actions that the enemy wants you to take. He will try to convince you that what he is telling you to do will be for your good - that is a lie because his ultimate goal is always death and destruction. You are facing critical choices during these difficult times. Choose wisely and live and prosper.


I have given to you many things that naturally help to heal you and prevent sickness. I do use doctors and medicines to help you but not all medicines are necessarily good for you. Seek My guidance when choosing to take any kind of medicine.

Earthquakes and volcanoes are erupting in various places and will continue to do so as the earth’s underlying plates shift and crack. These shifts will be extreme in various areas and very destructive. Look to South America, the Middle East, and even in parts of Europe. Some of these will be created by man and some by Me to disrupt the plans of the enemy. Watch as much is about to fall in regimes throughout the world and in America.

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