• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - November 16th, 2019

Are you under attack? Are you being tested or going through a trial? Is it a Job-like experience or one similar to what Joseph went through? You ask what is the difference? Tests tend to be of a shorter duration than trials but can be very devastating. You can have a problem at work, a disagreement with a friend or be hit with a limited time of sickness. Often what tends to happen is a case of being offended and feeling betrayed and be unable to let the offense go. The enemy uses people against you. He is really behind the act that is offensive but most people do not understand that and blame the person instead. In some instances when situations don’t go well, I am the one that you blame. A trial similar to that of Joseph can continue for many years with blessed times followed by times of loss and betrayal. Joseph’s family betrayed him, but I made a way of escape. He was blessed by Potiphar but then betrayed by Potiphar’s wife only to find himself in jail and left there with little hope. Then he was able to interpret Pharaoh's dreams and once again rose to a position of power and influence through which he not only ended up saving his family but a nation. After Job was tested, he repented and was restored with double of what he originally had in animals. He trusted Me and did not curse Me even though his wife and friends encouraged him to do so. Yes, My children are tested often in many ways but if they will trust Me, I will restore them and bless them.

How have you dealt with the tests and trials that are going on in your life? Remember that the enemy is behind them and uses those around you to come against you trying to divide so that he can devastate you and interfere with how you are being used by Me. He especially attacks leaders to bring a work or ministry down. The greater the attack the more significant the work that is being done to destroy the enemy and his plans. What are you called to do? If it is something that will impact the world or a nation, then be prepared to go through not only tests but trials. Look at history and see that many people that I greatly used went through tests, trials, betrayals, scandals, oppression and even illness, but they turned to Me and together we changed lives and nations.

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