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Prophetic Word - September 21, 2019

The anointing is what I give My servants to accomplish their assignments. Yes, each of you has been given at least one spiritual gift, but My anointing is what allows you to function in power. You can lose your anointing, but I do not take away your giftings. If you do not choose to do what I have called you to do, I will find another person to do it. There have been many who are in the positions that they are in because others refused to accept the assignment. I am always searching for those who are willing to do what I have asked. Unfortunately, some of My children lose sight of why they are successful and begin to think it is because of them and not Me. I will not waste the anointing on those who are afraid to step out in it and use it. The anointing is the power to change things. The enemy is sure to come against you if you are functioning in My will, but you will be a victor in the battle. Yes, you will have to fight but there will be a reward after the battle. As you flow in the anointing, you will see amazing things take place but always remember that you are called to serve and not for self-aggrandizement. As I raise you up in your calling, there will not only be battles but times of waiting before you come into the fullness that I have for you. There are levels of anointing and as you grow in faith and trust, and I see how you operate in your anointing then can I increase it. It is never to be used in any way to manipulate people or do any harm. Walk in uprightness and holiness so I can use you mightily.

The time has come. Things are about to shift quickly. There is so much deception in politics and even in the church. The enemy has infiltrated the church with those who would deceive you about critical matters and would teach concepts that are clearly against My Word such as abortion, same-sex marriage, and multiple genders. The government has placed people within the seminaries and taught them misleading beliefs which they then take with them into their churches. They will work to convince people to submit to whatever the government wants so they will feel safe and protected, but that will not be ultimately what happens. Seek Me for truth, and I will reveal it to you. Trust Me for direction and guidance so you will be safe and protected from the things that are coming. I am always with you.

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