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Prophetic Word - September 15th, 2019

Money. It defines power in the world. Those with the most money control and influence the most. The love of money is the root of evil. Some mistakenly say that it is money in and of itself that is the root of evil. How do you view money? It is just a tool that you can use either positively or negatively? Each person has an attitude toward money that can be good or bad. To some, money is a source of security. To others, it is a means of acceptance and to others, it is a way to gain favor. America is a nation in debt. It’s debt now is over twenty-two trillion dollars. Many students are in debt for their education. The population uses credit cards to sustain a lifestyle that they cannot afford.

I am your source and your provider. I have promised to supply all your needs if you trust in Me and seek a relationship with Me. My desire is that all should prosper. Prosperity is more than just having money. Money cannot provide happiness, health, peace or a sense of wellbeing. I am the source of these things. Money can provide medicine and good health-care, but it cannot deliver you from the abuse or mental trauma that you have gone through. I call My children to be good stewards of all that I give them; not just money, but also their time and talents.

Recently, fires and storms have devastated areas of America and other parts of the world. Everything was gone in a matter of hours, and there were no amounts of money that could stop that from happening. Yes, money can be used to rebuild what was destroyed but many precious possessions cannot be replaced. Life is more than houses, cars and other items because all these can be taken in moments. What have you made the center of your life? Do you recognize that all that you have has been given to you by Me, and you are accountable to Me for how you use it? I have blessed you to be a blessing to others. What you have is not meant to be hoarded to give you a sense of security. I am your security as you trust in Me.

Great devastation is coming and soon. You have been encouraged to have extra food, medicine, everything that you use on a daily basis, water, candles, batteries, gas for your generator and cash in small denominations to use to get through the aftermath. Have you done that? Time is running out.

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