• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - September 9th, 2019

The battle has begun. The sides have been drawn and all the manipulation of information has been going on and will continue. Its effects are real, but the evidence is invisible and unable to be detected as it is subliminal and leaves no footprint. I have declared events thousands of years ago that are now just coming to pass exactly as I had predicted. Yet, man thinks that He can disrupt My plans and outcomes. How foolish you are. I can touch the minds and hearts of people to move them to do exactly as I need done. People’s wills are free to choose, but I know exactly the plans of man and of the enemy. I raise up kingdoms, and I bring them down. I raise up leaders, and I bring them down. I am the creator and director of the universes.

I am accelerating events and processes. Many things that you have waited decades to see will soon be happening quickly. It will be as if someone has suddenly thrown the switch and events start happening.

My spiritual law states that what you sow that also you shall reap multiplied unless you repent of the negative things that you have said or done. Sometimes this law does not seem to play out in obvious ways, but it is real and true as many are about to experience both positively and negatively. The sexual abuse of My young children is coming to a head and many will be shocked as it does so. Those whom I have trusted with these young lives and who betrayed them will be receiving their just punishments. None who have not repented will escape My justice. Revenge is mine, and I will repay. Yes, I am a loving and forgiving God, but for those who refuse to acknowledge their sin, they will receive justice and quickly unlike the world’s system that is corrupted and easily influenced to look the other way.

There is about to be another shocking exposure of those congressional people whose goal it is to destroy President Trump. What efforts they exert against him will backfire and be used against them to remove them from office.

Take a good look at the media and news (opinion) commentators for soon they will no longer be at their desks. I have tolerated their lies and deceit for many months – even years. I am a God of truth. I know truth. I speak truth, and I want My children to hear truth – not a manipulated opinion that has a given agenda and objective result. Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is what I desire for My people.

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