• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - August 24th, 2019

The time is up. The demonic hold over this nation is about to be broken. Many whose names that you will know well will be exposed and toppled. Their positions of notoriety and power will be no longer. The enemy works as a single voice and force over not only people, but towns, cities and even nations. Are you under his influence in any part of your life? Sometimes it is so subtle that you dismiss it as part of your ancestry or culture. Many are being influenced by a spirit of intimidation that controls your actions and reactions with fear. Is there anyone controlling you with their anger? Do you choose to keep the peace instead of confronting them and their behavior? Are you afraid if you speak up in a relationship that you will lose that relationship so you remain quiet and controlled? There is a spirit of intimidation that is very much at work in the world. You can no longer speak your opinion in many areas without fear of physical harm or retaliation of some kind. The law enforcement agencies are told not to even go into certain areas of a city and so people in those areas are subject to all kinds of crime. They are even afraid to go out of their homes. Governments throughout the nation are busier protecting illegals and their rights than the lives and rights of lawful citizens. I am a God of law and order and that is why I place leadership in positions with authority and power to protect everyone. I gave My commandments to follow as a guideline to live by so that there could be peace and safety in society.

Yes, this nation has been in existence for hundreds of years and was formed upon biblical principles which have allowed it to grow and prosper. If you take a close look at our current society, you will see all the behaviors that existed in the ancient Roman empire before it fell. The moral depravity in many areas, babies sacrificed, sexual perversion and a government that fell due to over taxation and subsidies to too many people. Sound familiar. My people endured hardships and persecution in those times. As America becomes more anti-Christian, these same things will be faced by My people. However, I am also releasing My power throughout the land, and there will be revivals, miracles, healing and deliverance. Do not be intimidated or fearful for I can deliver you from all that the enemy is trying to do in your life.

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