• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - August 10th, 2019

What is your perception of yourself? Is it what those around you have said that you are? Is it what you have witnessed in your family and concluded that you are a reflection of them? Satan has tried to convince you from the moment of your birth that you are nothing and never will be anything. That is a lie and deception which he uses over and over throughout your life to keep you from the destiny that I have for you that was written before you were born. If you read My Word, you will know that I call you My sons and My daughters and joint-heirs with My Son, Jesus Christ. My love for you is beyond measure. At this point, you may be saying to yourself, “If that is true then why have I suffered so much and struggled to know and understand the circumstances of my life?’’

Many of My servants have gone through difficult tests and trials but that did not mean that I didn’t love them and wasn’t there for them. Out of these came opportunities to become whom they were meant to be and have a significant role to play in influencing and bringing about change and hope in other people’s lives. I do hear My children’s cry of, “WHY?” and the weariness in their voices. Those who are able to trust Me in spite of their circumstances can come to a place of peace and rest. Be reassured that nothing that you endure is wasted in My economy. Remember some of it is due to the generational curses that have come down to you that need to be broken. This concept is not often taught so that few of My children know of it and can deal with it and be free from those curses. I am your deliverer. Call upon Me to set you free in every area of your life.

Significant disclosures are coming out about the operations of high-level people in the government. These will be very disturbing, and you will begin to wonder what is really true and whom can you trust. This will cause great upheaval as it involves other nations and their intelligence services being used against the president. Evil runs deep and so does the level of deception being used to try to sway you and your political opinions. Turn to My Word for guidance as to what policies reflect Me and truth, light, freedom and righteousness. Turn from any participation in evil and repent of it. Repent for the sins of this nation so your land can be healed and My judgment can be stayed.

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