• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - August 3rd, 2019

My avengers are being released in the world who will stand up in boldness and speak truth. They will not be intimidated or fearful. Nor will they be kept from speaking in various areas of society. Do not look for them amongst politicians for they will not be there. People will ask when they appear where did they come from and how come we have not heard of them before this? No, it will not only be men, and it will not only be older people but some will be part of generations Y and Z, and they will be marked with a true spirit of holiness and righteousness. The media will do all they can to try to discredit them but will utterly fail and be humiliated in the process. The time has come and is coming very quickly for these people to be released by Me to accomplish My will.

All seems well in the economy, and the country is prospering in general, but the abortion of My children and the laws being passed to allow this to happen have triggered consequences that are about to affect those who have called for these things. There will be personal consequences to leaders and physical consequences to areas of this country. New York beware as you celebrated the laws that you have put in motion regarding abortion. Do you believe that there is no price that will be paid for your actions? Do you not fear Me? Wait, you are about to see My answer to what you have chosen to do. If you humble yourselves and repent, there is still time to avert the severity of My response. My children pray for your leaders and this nation that they would see the errors of their ways and repent and change the laws before it is too late.

I know My children, and they are marked and sealed in the blood of My Son, Jesus Christ. They have nothing to fear. I am with them and protect them every day, all day and all night. Repent of your sins known and unknown on a daily basis so that the enemy can find no fault in you and cannot levy any accusations against you before Me. Otherwise, the enemy will be free to come against you in various ways. Repent also for the sins of your ancestors so the effects of their sins cannot be applied to your life. Churches and organizations can also be guilty of sinful acts that affect their ability to see My will come to pass. Countries can also experience this same effect. Sin affects everyone and everything so repentance is vital to seeing everyone and everything free from its curse.

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