• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - July 27th, 2019

Are you settling for peace and comfort instead of what I have planned for you? You have received prophetic words from My prophets but what have you done with them? Do you pull them out and reread them and think to yourself that they speak of wonderful things for your life, but then do nothing to help them be fulfilled? Are you waiting on Me to make them happen, while I am waiting on you to step into your destiny so that I can open doors for you? Some of you have and still are running away from the calls that are upon your lives. You cannot out run the call and as long as you try you will be unfilled and struggling. Stop and call out to Me for help and surrender to My will for your life.

What you have been witnessing in the news is not something new even though the way that it is reported on you would think so. The desire for power and control has existed since the beginning of time which has led to the great atrocities throughout history. The blood of millions of innocent people has cried out to me just as with Cain and Abel. The blood of all the innocent children throughout the world that have been aborted cries out to Me even now. Yes, I have forgiven those women who have asked Me to for aborting their child, and they will see that child again in heaven if they repent and turn to My son, Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. All those, however, who never get to know Me or My son will be separated from Me and their child forever. This is not My will. I desire for all My children to know and love Me as I know and love them.

There is a Jezebel spirit over this nation, and it is reflected in so many ways. Our leaders seek power and will do whatever they need to so that they have it. They will lie, deceive, plot and plan all their moves against those who would try to rise up against them. That spirit also comes against anything that is of the true God and His followers. At every turn possible, that spirit will try to shut down opportunities for people to come to know Me, My Ways and My Word. Believers must rise up, come together and pray against this spirit. Two or three righteous believers praying can bring down the deeds of this evil and pervasive spirit. I am raising up such people now to go forth in My power and with My glory to avenge this spirit. Just as in the Old Testament, Jezebel was brought down and destroyed so can it be now. Rise up and pray for the destruction of the Jezebel spirit.


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