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Prophetic Word - July 20th, 2019

I am speaking. Are you listening? I am speaking to you in many different ways so pay careful attention. I am speaking to you through your dreams. Some of these are prophetic dreams that are trying to show you the future so that you can prepare for it for yourself or to warn others of upcoming things. Some of your dreams are natural and try to speak to you about your physical or mental health or activities that are taking place in your life. Some dreams you will have over and over if you are ignoring them, and I am trying to tell you something in them. If you don’t understand your dreams then ask Me to show you the interpretation of them or go to a trusted person that has been given a gift by Me of interpreting dreams.

I am giving to many of My children both young and old visions. Many of you are visual learners so you can more easily get the message that I am trying to convey through a vision. These visions can be either literal or symbolic. In symbolic visions, I use symbols that have special meaning to you. You should write down your dreams and visions and work on the revelation in them.

If you seek Me, you can develop your spiritual eyes and as you spend more time with Me, you will be able to discern more of what you are hearing and seeing. If I give you a vision, then I hold you responsible for it, and others can help you with it, but you will answer to Me for it. So, pray about it and seek Me as to how you are to accomplish it. Your visions may be years in the making, but be faithful to them and wait upon Me to help you bring them to pass.

Timing, timing, timing – Some of the things that you believed for that I have spoken to you about are waiting upon the right time. Your concept of time and Mine are very different. I think in terms of thousands of years and eternity. You think in terms of hours, days, and years. Many of the things that I have spoken of in My Word have already taken place and many are yet to come, but I say to you that they surely shall come. Many of you have condemned My prophets because of what they have spoken, and you have not seen come to pass. Much of this has to do with the fact that what was spoken was conditional and those conditions were not met and in other instances, prayer changed the circumstances and outcome just like in Nineveh. I am a God who keeps His Word and promises. Listen as I speak to each of you in love.

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