• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - July 4th, 2019

Freedom is what is celebrated today. As you look back over the history of America, you see that from its very foundation, men sacrificed to establish a nation that would allow people to live free and be able to worship and practice their religious beliefs. That foundation in now under a threat of being destroyed. Very subtly over the last five decades, little by little, Christianity has been under attack. Prayer was removed from the schools. Bibles could no longer be read in schools. The Ten Commandments no longer can be displayed in public places. Christmas is not to be celebrated in schools and in stores, people are told not to say, “Merry Christmas”. As bad as these things are, the real destruction has come to the moral fiber of this nation through abortion and same sex marriage. The family is the foundation of society, and it has been assaulted on every side. The cry of intolerance is being raised against Christians when in reality those crying it are the most intolerant. All of this has been planned and carried out by those with an agenda to bring this nation down, to create division, civil unrest and pit one person against another to financially prosper by playing both sides against each other. This pattern has gone on throughout history, but people still fall for it and do not recognize it for what it is. It is time to wake up before it is too late. America is following the same pattern as the Roman Empire did before its fall. The church is asleep, and if it does not wake up soon, it will be too late for America. There have been many attempts against the president’s life because he is keeping the New World Order from coming into existence. The globalists are desperate as they see their vision of world dominance being eroded before their eyes.

True freedom only comes from Me and your relationship with Me and the freedom that My son, Jesus Christ, purchased for you on the cross. It is available to all who would choose it. Many are under the wrong impression that it is restrictive because they have gone to places of worship that are legalistic and allow a spirit of religion to control all aspects of events. I sent My Son to come to set all people captivated under many sets of destructive circumstances free. Ask Me to show you the truth about all that is going on that is trying to bring you under its influence to your detriment and ultimate destruction.

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