• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - June 29th, 2019

Has the enemy held back your answer to prayer or do you think that I just didn’t answer your request? Are you going through a difficult time? Are you going through a test or a trial or have you just had an open door in your life for the enemy to come through? Many of you are transitioning to a new situation and mission in your life. Some of you are moving to a higher level of authority. With this new level also comes new tests for you to go through. These tests are only for a season. Those of you who are going through trials have been enduring them for a long time. I am well aware of your circumstances and monitor all that is going on in your life. I will bring good out of your trials not only for you but also for many others. For those of you that have open doors to the enemy, I am about to challenge you. You have grown so comfortable in your sin that you don’t even recognize it as sin anymore. You say to yourself, “well I only drink on weekends and it doesn’t harm anyone.” Perhaps, you say, “I am living with my girlfriend, but I do plan on marrying her someday and besides everyone is doing it.” Your body is My dwelling place. There are more obvious sins than anger, rage, unforgiveness or rebellion. Those open doors still leave you vulnerable to the enemy having the ability to be an accuser before Me and interfere with your life, call and destiny. How often do you search your heart to see what is there and repent of it so you can be freed from its impact on your life? I know that all of My children struggle in various ways because of all that they have been through in their lives.

Your life is the loudest witness to others in the world who are lost or struggling. I want to speak through you. I have loved you unconditionally so that you could experience how that feels so you can work at doing that for others.

A great woe is about to happen. I have warned you to get prepared and some of you have but others of you have not. My prophets have spoken of major events to come to the East Coast of America but this is closer to parts of upper New York State. Just as fire, floods and tornadoes have left many homeless and their lives disrupted so will this event. Pray that I spare lives.

World events are unfolding as I use My trump card to carry out those plans that will save this nation from destruction from without and from within. Many treacherous acts have been done against this nation.

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