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Prophetic Word - June 22nd, 2019

To My children whom I love, I have sent to you My Holy Spirit to comfort you and reassure you that you are saved and forgiven. That same Holy Spirit has given you gifts and abilities that align with the call that is upon your life. Do not covet the gifts that other people have nor try to imitate how others use their gifts that are similar to yours. Each of you are unique and that is how I designed you to fulfill a given purpose. Just as you have a unique voice and unique fingerprints, you have a unique purpose. That purpose also has a specific time table which may yet be in the future. Each day call out to Me for what I would have you do for that day so you are able to be used by Me to accomplish that portion of your destiny. You cannot make your destiny. You can only discover it. Don’t look to those closest to you to recognize your giftings or your destiny. My Holy Spirit will help you to come to know it and to walk into it. Some of you have had it revealed to you over and over by My prophets but you are unwilling to accept it because you look at yourselves and all your faults and cannot believe that I would use you or am capable of changing you into the kind of person that I would use and empower. Did I not change Saul into Paul? I changed him from one extreme to the other as I have with many of the people who now serve Me and are used by Me to draw many to Me and the salvation available through My Son, Jesus. Use simple faith that I will use the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you and your actions to bring you into your destiny at the exact right time.

Do not be afraid as you see things in the world begin to shift. Yes, there are going to be some troubling times which will bring much insecurity to the world. The world is not your source of security and stability, I am. As some of you face the death of your loved ones or watch as they face sickness, trust Me and My goodness and mercy. Each of you has been appointed a number of days upon the earth. You can come to Me without suffering or sickness, but this is not always how you will do so. The end of this life for those who know My Son, Jesus and have accepted Him as their Savior is the beginning of a glorious new life with Me. Death for you is a transition, not an end. Do not fear it. Release your loved ones when their time has come and trust and believe that they will be with Me and there will be no more pain, sorrow, sickness or sadness only joy, peace, wholeness and happiness.

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