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Prophetic Word - June 15th, 2019

I am a good father who loves His children and his children’s children. As you watch your children suffer and struggle, you cry out to Me on their behalf as it touches your heart to watch this, and you wish to intervene and stop their suffering. I cannot accomplish My purposes in them without allowing them to go through things that develop their character and endurance. Just as you had to learn to turn to Me for help so they also need to learn this. Often before situations change, they get worse, and the pressure mounts. At this point, they need to look at their attitudes and see what could be blocking them. Unforgiveness is often the most common reason for the lack of breakthrough. Holding on to past hurts and offenses becomes a major stumbling block. It is easy to blame others for your circumstances and not know that I played a part in allowing them. So many of you have still not learned that out of every negative situation that you face, behind it is a blessing that I am trying to bring into your life. All your thoughts and energy are focused on the trouble and not on the possibility of what good could come out of it. You losing your job allows me to give you a better one. You are forced to move and where you end up there are people that you are meant to meet who will bless your life. Look closely at all the circumstances in your life. They are being used by Me. If you learn to trust Me not only for yourself but for your children, you will see miraculous things come together for good and not for evil. Many things that happen are the results of patterns on sin and disobedience from previous generations that now affect you and need to be repented of so they can no longer influence you or future generations. Christ paid the price to break the hold of the enemy over your life and lives of your children.

The battle lines are once again forming over the issue of abortion. Women have been indoctrinated that it is their right to choose what happens in their bodies. They did not create the child that is within them, I did. I breathed life into that child, and I have a plan and a purpose for each child that I create. My heart is deeply grieved by those who would encourage women to abort a child. At times that child was a product of sinful choices and so the sin is compounded. Do My daughters not know that there are not only physical consequences when a child is aborted but also spiritual ones? Many of My children are not able to have their own children and would love to take in a child whose own mother is unable or unwilling to care for that child. Children are a blessing from Me and meant to bring many times of joy and happiness to those who chose to have them and love them. Stand up for the lives of the unborn as they may very well be a person to save you or your children.

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