• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - June 8th, 2019

What season of your life are you in? How many years do you believe that you have left on this earth? Some people have been blessed to live over 100 years and others have barely reached 20. I have appointed a time for each of your lives, but some of you by your choices have reduced that time. You grew up with expectations of what life would be like, but many of you have been disappointed for how your life has turned out. Some of you have had very difficult lives because of mates, sickness, jobs or trouble with children or your health. You may look at other people’s lives and think that you would rather have their life. I challenge you to look beyond your life and even your children’s lives or even your grandchildren’s lives. If you have served Me and walked in My ways and done what I have called you to do then blessings will flow to your seed for generations. People want Me to bless them, but they are not doing anything to warrant a blessing. I love you and want to bless you but what is the basis on which I can do that? Yes, just as there are generational curses, there are also generational blessings. In My Word, I challenge you to give Me your tithes and first fruits and when you do so I can give you the five things that I say I will in Malachi.

It is not too late to change your life and attitudes no matter how old you are. Anyone can ask Me to renew their mind and I will. Make the most of the time you have left. There is still time to fulfill your destiny and receive the rewards that wait for you now and in heaven. Do not waste time complaining about your circumstances because that will only keep them happening.

Much is happening in the spiritual realm that will be manifesting on earth soon. People keep proclaiming that I am coming soon, and I am, so seek Me as to what you are to be doing while you wait. This is not the time to just sit back and wait. I have allowed you to be alive during this time because I have a purpose for you to fulfill. You may need great determination to overcome the obstacles that the enemy will put in your path, but I picked you because I gave you the abilities and determination to accomplish what I am asking of you. Do not be discouraged when those around you challenge your thinking or efforts. I am always available to you to guide you and your efforts. Ultimately you and I together can accomplish the impossible. The disciples changed the world. What are you going to change with My help?

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