• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - May 25th, 2019

What is the enemy able to accuse you of? Are there things that you have done or things that previous generations have done that have not been repented of therefore remain unforgiven? You are a spiritual being and as such are affected by spiritual laws that are as true and definite as physical laws such as the law of gravity. Many of you have no understanding of what spiritual laws even exist and yet you are subject to them. The Holy Spirit speaks to your spirit to help guide and direct your choices and actions so that you can be in My will. There you will be safe and at peace and prosper. Just as there are consequences for going against natural laws so there are consequences for going against spiritual laws. A time is coming when you will be more aware of My spiritual laws.

What are the things in your environment that are causing contamination that affect you physically or even spiritually? The atmospheres that you choose to place yourself in are very important. Just as you would never knowingly place yourself in a physically poisonous atmosphere neither should you place yourself in a spiritually poisonous one. What does a spiritually poisonous atmosphere look like? One in which My name is taken in vain, where cursing and dirty language is spoken openly and often. It is also a place where sin in many forms is rampant and encouraged. Many of you need to evaluate both the physical and spiritual environments that you have chosen to live in. If they are not places that I could be with you in, then you need to make a decision to change them. I am a holy God who calls My children to be a holy people.

Revelation, upon revelation, is coming. Watch as the schemers and their schemes are being uncovered, and the finger pointing begins. The enemy is trying to create distractions so you do not connect the dots. The globalists, the New World Order, the Masons, the powerful elites, the Chinese, the bankers, and other groups are all vying to overthrow the establishment – the United States as we know it. They are infiltrating the borders with their enforcers, MS13 gangs. They are allowing sick people to enter so they can become a biological threat. They are working to destabilize the dollar and crash the economy so a cashless society can be created. They want another war to create a shift in power away from the United States. As goes America, so goes the world. America is being staged to collapse from within as each group plays their part in the saga. Pray for Me to intervene.


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