• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - May 11th, 2019

History repeats itself. America is repeating the history that Israel went through as it fell away from Me and began to worship other gods. There was the god, Baal who was the principality of turning away from Me and toward materialism and carnality. The arch of Baal was recently erected in New York City. The second god that Israel worshipped was Ishtar, the goddess of sexuality, gender confusion and public display of sex which took sex out of its private place in marriage and made it public. The third god served by Israel was Moloch. People threw their children into the fire of his statue. Today babies are aborted instead. Do these things sound familiar to you? They should as they are exactly the things that are happening in America, but you view them as just changes in culture. The principalities that existed in ancient times in Israel still exist today in America, and you need to fight against them.

Many of you do not even believe in such things as principalities, but they are real – very real and their mission is your destruction. They hate Me and anything tied to Me. They will not ultimately win, but they will try to destroy as much as they can for as long as they can. What forces are at work in your life trying to drive you away from Me? Do you realize that I know your every thought and see all that you do? Because I love you and want what is best for you, it grieves Me when you choose evil instead of good. Many of you do not realize that actions done by your ancestors that have not been repented of can still be impacting your life. Perhaps, they may have dedicated all future generations of your family to an idol. This needs to be repented of and broken. Perhaps, they made contracts or covenants which they then broke. Satan can come before Me and accuse you and past generations of these sins. Many of you have had blessings withheld from you because of these generational issues. These curses can not only affect people but corporations, churches businesses, countries and other groups. Ask Me to show you what things are affecting various parts of your life. Pages in your book of destiny written in heaven could be missing or stolen so you have been unable to move into your given destiny. I want to restore to you all that you are meant to have, but I need you to participate in the process. Previous generations have not been aware of these dynamics, and the ability to change them. You have the opportunity and ability to stand in for your family; past, present and future to rectify what has been in existence for ages. Choose to stand in the gap for your family and seek Me and ask Me to reveal and correct all that needs to change.


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