• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - May 4th, 2019

Be prepared for a spiritual tsunami. The evil around abortion is reaching a level that can no longer be tolerated and there will be repercussions against all that are pushing for it to be available even after a baby is born. Why has man chosen to take what I have created and believe that it is their prerogative to decide the baby’s fate? Life and death are in My hands. Look at your life and ask yourself what kind of witness is My life? Actions speak louder than words. What are your actions saying to others? Many people are quick to say, “I love you” but their actions do not reflect those words. I say that I love you and was willing to allow My only child to suffer and die for you. My love is unconditional and will not change and nothing that you do can separate you from it. My son died that you might have life more abundantly.

Are you going through testing or temptation? I am a God who allows you to be tested and will bring good out of it. The enemy is the one who tempts you in order to bring destruction. Know that if you choose to sin, it will affect your testimony and your anointing. The enemy wants to negatively impact both. If you are tempted, ask for My help, and I will make a way of escape for you. A transition is in effect in various areas of the world as more and more people choose to turn their backs on Me and become more influenced by the world. The persecution of My believers is very significant. In many countries of the world, the population under the age of 30 is growing rapidly and will be influenced to look for change from the old policies and current rulers. These are the people that I will be using to transform much that is evil and turn it to good.

A significant shift is about to take place in the political arena in America. The lies and deception that have been used to destroy peace and cooperation are about to be revealed and with it many careers will come to a close. Some by going to prison and others under dark clouds. The whole truth will be revealed from sources that will not be challenged. Some will be running to other countries to be sheltered and protected. Much will come to light. The political gamesmanship will no longer be effective. Just as there has been upheaval in the weather so there will be upheaval in politics. Russia beware as your plots and plans are known by Me, and I am about to disrupt those plans. The same is also true for China, Iran and Turkey as your struggle to be power players escalates. Your vulnerability will be your economies so keep an eye on what is about to cause a major impact on them.

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