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Prophetic Word - April 28th, 2019

Seek Me as upheaval comes in various parts of the world. There is a shift going on in the seeking of power and influence. Where do you see yourself and the world in the next five years? Are you just going to keep on the same path that you are on today? There are many ways in which your life could be better if you began to ask Me to be a bigger part of your life.

There once again has been an attack against My followers. There are many who believe in Me whose lives are in danger just because of that. Many thousands are persecuted throughout the world who have chosen to follow Me. Their blood cries out to Me just as does the blood of all the innocent people who are killed. I will respond to those cries and am grieved by the death of all who suffer unjustly.

Look to the skies. You are about to see many things happening there. Man is choosing to try to control weather and weather patterns, but I am the one who created all things and determine how all things will work. Man has sought to discover the truths of the universe but has only been able to see a small fraction of it and is basing their truth on that. It is vastly beyond their ability to imagine.

Watch the stock market. It is about to change dramatically but, which way will be determined behind the scenes as there are forces that create its activity level. The world banks behind the scenes are trying to figure a way to dramatically change the banking system, world currencies and world financial patterns. Russia, China and several other countries are making significant financial deals trying to change the balance of power. Ask Me what you should be doing with your savings so that they will be safe.

I have trusted you with the children that I have given you and you will answer to Me for how you have treated them and have or have not helped them to become who they are meant to be. You are not to treat them in such a way that they fear you in the bad sense rather than respect you and are willing to listen to you. They are the future and important to it. I am going to use them in a powerful way. Help them to build character, honesty, integrity, compassion and mercy. Do not be too liberal with them. They need security and discipline. You are not to try to be their friend but their parent.

A medical breakthrough is coming out of Europe. Look for it and demand that it be released in the United States and not taken over and exploited by the pharmaceutical industry. It will be miraculous and inexpensive unless it is taken over by corrupt entities. I am a God who heals miraculously and by giving information to the minds of men enable them to create drugs that can be turned into medicines.

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