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Prophetic Word - March 16th, 2019

How much faith do you have? A measure of faith is given to each of you and to some a gift of faith to believe for the impossible. How are you using your faith? Through faith, you are saved. Through faith, you are healed. The measure of faith that you used to be saved is the exact same measure that is needed to be healed. Yet many of you have not believed Me for healing. Why are you accepting your sickness or other conditions and have stopped praying to be healed? This grieves Me for My desire for you is wholeness – nothing missing – nothing broken. (Shalom)

You have not because you ask not. Do you think that you should not ask Me for even the little things that would make a difference in your life? If you lose something do you ask Me to help you find it or ask Me to have an angel put it where you can find it? I desire to open your eyes of understanding so that I can open up new dimensions to you. Some of My children have come to My throne room and received divine information and brought it back to earth. I have called some of My children to visit Me in heaven, but they have been reluctant to do so. So much more could be available to you if you would ask Me for it.

The time is growing short before some of you will be facing a major disaster. You have seen the tornadoes, hurricanes and floods but My earth is groaning and a shift in the earth is about to take place. Are you prepared? How ready are you for significant changes in your life? Will you trust Me through these difficult times that I will be with you? As these events occur, stand in faith and stand in trust. I can bring good out of every negative situation.

Look to the Middle East and Europe and all the changes that are about to take place as former empires are trying to rise up again to their place of previous power and dominance. They are eyeing My land of Israel for they see it as a stumbling block to their quest for power. How wrong they will be to try to come against it.

Several new discoveries are about to shake up the world of medicine and energy. Discoveries that have been hidden will be revealed and implemented. Nations are moving closer to having the level of surveillance that no one will have any privacy or protection from the data collected being used under the guise of safety and protection. Cell phones and Fitbit watches will be used to know where you are at all times. Big brother technology is just around the corner. It will not be long before governments will try to chip people under the premise of safety and protection. Do not – do not allow yourself to be chipped.

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