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Prophetic Word - March 9th, 2019

All is not what it appears. The great deception is right under your noises, and you cannot see it even though its plan has been going on for many centuries. The enemies’ ultimate plan to win has been cloaked in subtle cultural issues that have been introduced under the guise of environmental concerns as we are all living in it and want it to be safe for us and for the future for our children. Many deceptions are tied to ancient occult practices still being used underground today. Innocent blood is the power source for these demonic practices so, abortion is serving to fuel these entities. We are being blinded and deceived by what is really going on. The enemy is rejoicing in how cleverly he has deceived us into moving toward a new world order where there will be a one world religion into which he can step and become its head. Beware of all these deceptions. This one world government and religion will put you in grave danger and being part of it and its lies. Yes, peace is important but at what price – your eternal soul? Most of you are just trying to get through each day and doing the best that you can. The enemy counts on that and keeps you distracted so you do not look behind the events going on to see what is happening. There have been men used by the enemy to plan for centuries how to bring about his plan. They pick who will be president and who will rule. Hillary Clinton was supposed to be president and bring in the beginning of the new world order by diminishing religion and continuing to encourage women’s rights on abortion. I intervened in order to give My people a chance to wake up and turn back to Me and against the plans of the enemy. Ask Me to show you the truth of what is happening. I want to use My young people to bring about the next great wave of awakening and revival. The enemy is trying to destroy them with gun violence and drugs. The Chinese are being used to provide drugs that are deadlier than heroin, and these drugs are readily finding their ways into this country. Many people who are interested in power and influence are being used and tricked into participating in this scheme. The enemy has been waiting for thousands of years to see the fulfillment of his plan and sees himself as close to success. Wake up. Wake up to the plans of other governments to bring down America. As we go, so will much of the Christian world. This is a true battle of good versus evil. Be on the side of God and let’s defeat all the plans of the enemy in the world and in your lives. Amen and Amen.

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