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Prophetic Word - March 2nd, 2019

I am a God of miracles. I do them on a daily basis and use My servants to be My instruments to bring them to pass. I have done miracles since the beginning of time and will continue to do them. They are one of the gifts that I have given to various individuals to use to bless people. Along with this gift, the person with it needs to believe that miracles do happen and have the faith that I am working through them. Those with this gift must be able to allow it to function through them and not begin to believe that they are the ones with the power to perform them instead of Me. Do you need a miracle in any part of your life? Well, then ask Me for one. I may answer this request in an unusual way.

I am hitting the restart button in many of My children’s lives because the direction that they are going in is the wrong direction. It is as if they cannot see what is right in front of them and so I am going to open their eyes before it is too late, and they miss all that I have for them. So many people miss out on the blessings that they are meant to have because they do not come in the form that they have preset in their minds that they will come in. I see and chose to put together people who seem as though they are the wrong fit. Only I know the gifts that I have given to each person that they have or may still need to manifest. Trust Me for whom and what I put in your life rather than your own inclinations and choices.

The string of deceptions is beginning to unravel and as it does it will trip up many and engulf them in their own web of lies. There will be several very shocking revelations that are about to come out that will literally shake governments and other institutions. Nothing remains hidden forever. There are well known personalities that will go down like ducks in a row and will not get back up. Secrets are meant to hide unpleasant truths but darkness cannot hide them when there is still light in the world. For those of My children trying to hide the darkness in your life, I call you to repent of it, and bring it into the light so that I can free you of its torment and forgive you for it. My Son died for you to be free and live in the light and have peace and be blessed.

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