• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - February 23rd, 2019

Life and death. How many people in this world are facing death today? Be it from sickness, disease, accidents or persecution. I give life and value it, and so the cries of all who have life taken from them comes up to My ears. The quality of life is determined by many factors and most of those are ones that one can choose. I am grieved by those who have no regard for life and who declare that it is acceptable to end it before it even has a chance to begin. I am the creator of all life, and I determine the number of days that it is meant to live. There are some who believe that they have the right to do that instead of Me. Unfortunately, this has been true since the beginning of time and so many of My children have been denied the opportunity to live out the time that I had ordained for them. What are the consequences of these decisions? One, a generational curse is set in motion that will impact all future generations unless it is repented for and broken. Second, My law of sowing and reaping will be in effect bringing multiplied negative consequences. Third, the world will be robbed of those who were meant to bless many in various ways with medical cures, great inventions, brilliant minds to help find new ways in many areas and those who were meant to be great leaders. What has so overshadowed our respect for life that we treat it so lightly. There are several nations that have abused their people for decades, and I have allowed it, but I am about to intervene in many of these places. Even the church has been guilty of not standing up for life and does not address that it is sacred. Yes, some of My children have grieved over the choices that they have made and have repented over them, and I have forgiven them. Do you value life? What are you doing with the life that I have given you? Am I even part of your life? Do you not realize that without My Son, the Holy Spirit and Me as part of your life that you will have an eternal life that will be more like an eternal death? Wake up and begin to rise up and stand for life in every way possible. Do not succumb to the propaganda of the world that stands by and watches as millions of babies are killed in their mother’s womb. What about the wars that are created for financial gain and power while young lives are sacrificed on their altar? What about those who knowingly sell drugs that are quickly destroying the lives of our young people? Stand up and intervene that this may stop. Cry out to Me on behalf of all those whose lives are being taken from them before their appointed time.

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