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Prophetic Word - February 17th, 2019

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. What truth is that – My truth – My absolute truth. Many people have belief systems that they call their truth, but is it? From the time that you are born, your environment and the people in it begin to create experiences that collectively form your belief system. Yes, for you this is your truth. Even in utero you can experience feelings, emotions and events. Some children in utero already feel unwanted and rejected. Others experience fear and anxiety as their mothers live through difficult situations or even traumas. As each culture works also to form acceptable patterns of behavior, a child comes to know that as their truth. Some cultures see women as inferior beings and definitely second-class citizens or is some cases – property. That is not My truth about women.

How many lies that the enemy or society told you have you believed and built your life upon? Some faiths teach that your works are enough to get you into heaven. Others teach that there is more than one way to heaven and that you can choose any one of them and get there. Some faiths teach that spiritual gifts ceased with the apostles. Yet, still other teachings that prevail are that all your sins are covered by grace, and you do not need to repent of them. There are so many lies that have been taught as truth that keep you, My children, from knowing all of Me and the freedom that I desire for you to have in Me. Besides all these lies that the enemy has you believing, he also uses your pride against you and tells you that you have a right to be angry because of what someone has done to you and that you don’t need to forgive them, thereby leaving you open to the consequences of unforgiveness.

In order to truly serve Me, you need to seek My truth and a real relationship with Me. If I call you to serve as a spokesperson for Me, then I will allow circumstances in your life that will cause you to die to self, your flesh, your will and your ego. I call both men and women as My servants and gift both with what they will need to accomplish the purposes I have for them. Too many of My daughters are not being allowed to use their gifts and so some of My work is not getting done. Each person will be held accountable for how they use their gifts. Those who keep anyone from doing the work that I have called them to do, will also be held accountable to Me. Do not be guilty of letting your pride or ego or erroneous belief system interfere with the work of My kingdom. The time is short. I need all My children using their gifts to bless others.

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