• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - February 9th, 2019

I say to My church, “Arise and prepare for battle.” You are in the spiritual battle of your life, for what you allow the world to do it will take and bring it to an extreme. The enemy has made you passive by convincing you that you need to follow rules and regulations. This keeps you constantly trying to make sure that you are doing everything the “right way”. I set you free from the Law when I sent My Son, Jesus, to die for you and your sins. Yet, you not only try to follow the regiment of doing enough praying, reading the Word, going to church, fasting etc. but you demand it of others who are trying to get to “know Me”. I want a relationship with My children in which they can get to know Me through interactions with Me. As you get to know Me, prayer, fasting, reading My Word deepens your awareness of Me and our relationship. Imagine if you studied all aspects of a person and believed that, that allowed you to know them intimately, how wrong you would be. Rather as you spent time together, you would begin to understand them and relate to them. The enemy has kept the church operating in a religious spirit making sure that everyone follows the correct patterns. If they don’t, they are judged and rejected. Jesus came against many of the pharisaical patterns that existed in His time. He came to set you free and yet so many of you are in bondage to these patterns. I love you and nothing can separate you from that love unless you believe that there is something that can. I want you to begin to take a look at the things that you are doing supposedly for Me and ask Me if that is what I want you to be doing. You might be surprised at My answer. Many of you have undertaken tasks that you think will please Me but have never asked Me if I wanted you to do them. Just because an activity is good does not mean that I am calling you to do it. As you are doing it, the activity that I wanted you to be doing is going undone. You only have so much time. Do not be using it to do things hoping that they will please Me. Instead, ask Me to give you a thought, dream or vision of what I would have you do. You will succeed when you are doing what I ask you to do, and it will bless, influence and change the world. You are called to fulfill the purpose I have placed you here to do. Arise, come find Me and ask Me what I want you to do.

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