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Prophetic Word - January 18th, 2019

Get ready for a time of shifting and turmoil in politics and the church. Many hidden things are about to be exposed. Truth is hard to find these days. Nothing is thought of lying, it is part of life and actually encouraged in some cultures. What most people fail to recognize, is that is does have a dramatic and lasting affect. Years later, it can surface and affect a relationship, a business, or the position that someone holds. I hate lying and the distrust that it creates. It undermines so much. Once someone lies to you, it makes it difficult to trust them again. The enemy is the author of lies and lying to you and about you is one of his chief weapons. Take a look at the situations you find yourself in, are they reliable or flavored with lies? I am a God that does not lie and I am the arch enemy of the father of lies. I am about to expose many lies that have been told to you in various areas of your life. I am going to reveal to you the lies that you have told yourselves that keep you from moving forward. The government has lied to you. Companies have lied to you and even the church has lied to you. Ok, so what is about to happen? Political forces nationally and internationally are aligning to plot their strategies as to how to come together and come against the United States. They are rattling their swords and bragging about their capabilities. Because the United States has allowed their military to be weakened, they feel empowered. They will soon be in for a rude awakening and supremacy is not coming to an end yet.

The opioid crisis is going to get worse while the politicians fight over borders and out young people are being destroyed. It is time for the average person along with the church to rise up and begin to demand action. Cry out to Me for justice and truth. Let the round up and displacement of corrupt politicians and officials begin. Let all those who serve other gods then Me be exposed for who they are and what they stand for. All corruption is rooted in lies and deception. Do not succumb to participating in this in any manner or form. Anything that you try to hide will eventually be exposed. Walk in light and truth. Truth will set you free. Deeds done to corrupt will lead to your own downfall. I have released a spirit of revelation in the world to expose the truth and set people free. Light creates life and darkness creates captivity and death.

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