• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - December 29th, 2018

Fear not for I have all circumstances under control and know every detail of your life. Nothing is too small for Me to be aware of. I even know your thoughts that you have not spoken. You view things from a very narrow perspective, but My perspective includes all that relates to a given issue. To you, something may seem impossible but not to Me. Because I know the future and all the choices that you will make, I can prepare the way that will take you on the right paths that will lead you to your purpose and destiny. Even if you go down the wrong paths, I can redirect you back to the correct ones. Just as you use your GPS when you are driving to get you to where you want to go, think of Me as your God Positioning System that also can reroute you if you take a wrong turn or go in the wrong direction.

As a new year is about to begin and the old one is coming to a close, you will face ends and new beginnings in different areas of your life. Life and death are a part of My life cycles for you. However, for My children death is not an end but a beginning. The spirit that raised My Son from death to life is the same spirit that is in you bringing life, healing and ultimately resurrection to your mortal bodies. That same spirit will give you wisdom and understanding as well as peace and this same spirit will direct your thoughts and actions. He is a creative spirit that will inspire your own creativity. He will also anoint you and help you accomplish what I have called you to do. He will speak truth to you that will protect you and warn you against harm and show you that which is of Me and that which is not.

Times and seasons are ordered by Me. It may seem as though I am ignoring horrific evil and not rewarding great good, but that is not so. Because your life span is so short, it seems as though many things have gone on too long, but My timing is exact and a precise intervention will come when I have determined it to be. Rest in My goodness and love for My children. My desire is to bless you, have mercy on you, grant you grace and to forgive you and bring you home to Me when your time has come. There is so much that I have for you that all you need do is to ask Me for it. You suffer needlessly because you do not ask Me to intervene on your behalf or give Me permission to change you and your circumstances. I am waiting upon you to cry out to Me so that I can answer. Nothing that you have done can separate you from Me and My love for you. Amen and Amen.


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