• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - December 15th, 2018

Expectations! What are you expecting for Christmas? In ancient times, the Jews were expecting a messiah, one that would overtake the Romans and create a new world. Because Jesus did not come in the form that they expected, they did not recognize Him. He was a king, and He did represent a kingdom, but it was not of this world. Many of you are expecting something and have your mind made up of how it will be and so don’t recognize My answer to you. You ask Me for a mate, and I bring you the person that I know is best for you and a blessing, but they do not meet the criteria that you have in your mind. Do you think that you know better than I do who will be best for you? You ask Me for help and to provide for you, and I give you access to Medicaid and food stamps, and you reject them because this is not how you thought that I would provide for you. Many of you have unrealistic expectations of yourselves and others and so you get deeply disappointed. In My Word, I have given you many promises that you can count on. Some are conditional and say, “if you _______ then, I will do ____________.” You have a part to play in our relationship, It is not one sided. I love you and I am there for you, but you need to seek Me and choose to spend time with Me and listen to what I am telling you.

Much is about to take place. There are going to be big changes – big changes. My children, be prepared; life is not going to be as usual. Shortly, it will happen and I will direct your actions and your path. I will move you to and from where you need to be. I will give you strength, and I will provide. You are going to need to trust Me in each and every situation that you find yourselves in. I will be faithful. I will be there for you.

Many of the cultural changes that you see taking place are being created by spiritual entities working through people. History is repeating itself. In ancient Israel, many of the same things that are going on now were going on then and so I brought judgement on them. This nation is at a critical point in its existence. If it does not return to Me and My ways, then judgement will come. There is still time but not much time. The Church must rise up and begin to battle the principalities and powers that are trying to bring about the downfall of your society. Israel, My beloved, fell and so can you. Beware and start battling the forces that are trying to bring the destruction of the family and the gender identity that one is born with. Marriage between one man and one woman is on the verge of disappearing and instead, there will be uncommitted families into which most children will be born and raised.


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