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Prophetic Word - December 8th, 2018

Be careful when the world declares how wonderful you are and how much you have done. They judge with human standards and outward appearances, but I judge the hearts of men. The world called My Son a blasphemer and crucified Him even though His teachings were about peace and love. He healed many and taught his disciples to be servants to others and to go to all nations of the earth and make disciples of their people. Today, a third of the world’s population does not even know the name Jesus and millions of Christians in the world are being persecuted for their faith. When you die what will people say about you? More importantly, what will I say about you? Don’t live to please people but live to please Me, by so doing you will transform many lives. My desire is to draw all men unto Me.

We battle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers. Most people live their lives unaware of the spiritual battles going on around them and even in them. Satan uses people to accomplish his purposes so you think that it is that person that you are battling with and try to deal with them in the flesh. Evil works through people to create chaos, hate, envy and jealousy. These lead to all kinds of separation and division from others and from Me. Is the enemy using you to be a negative force or influence? So many people say that they just want to be at peace and left alone to lead their lives. When evil is left to do its work, it will eventually come to you to do it and who will come to you to help you? You are called to help one another and to use what you have to help others in whatever way that I direct you to. Whatever you do for others, I will do for you and your family. What I ask you to do is never beyond your ability to do with My help and direction. Twelve disciples changed the world. There are billions who claim to be Christian so they certainly should be able to change the world when they live for Me and obey My directions. When evil works to corrupt a person, government or society, and no one tries to stop it, that entity will fall. Fierce spiritual warfare is and has been happening throughout the world. Can I count on you to stand against it and fight for My kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven? My earthly army is being formed for battle to rise up against those forces that are killing and persecuting My followers. Join the fight, pray and intercede on their behalf. Shout so loud that the world will wake up to what is happening and move against those who are doing such things. If you are able to stand by and watch children murdered in their mother’s womb and do nothing, will you do the same for all those being persecuted throughout the world? If persecution is not stopped in the world, it will come to this nation as well.

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