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Prophetic Word - December 1st, 2018

Life and death, I gave you life and determine its content, and I have numbered your days. When you were in your mother’s womb, that was the entirety of your world and existence. For you to leave it would have seemed like the end of your existence, and yet you would go down the birth canal into a new life, one which expanded your world and all that was in it. One day you will leave this life fearing that this is the end when in fact, it will be another beginning in an existence that is far greater than the one that you know now. You will come into My presence where you will know love in a greater measure than you have ever known it. There will be no more tears and no more sorrow. Your life on earth is but a brief moment in time, but your life with Me will be for eternity.

Each day you wrestle with things in your thinking that seem so important when what is really important is your relationship with Me and how you follow the directions that I give you. Great rewards await those who have served Me well. Not all will have the same rewards. Many of you have been groomed to reign with Me in the Millennium. What you do each and every day matters as it may lead others closer to Me or further away. My will is that all might be saved, but each person will choose to be saved and be with Me in heaven. Even with your last breath, there is time to cry out to Me and ask Me to save you. Each and every day you can cry to Me for help in whatever form you need it. I will answer, and if you need Me to send angels to accomplish what is needed, then I will. With your words and prayers, create an atmosphere in which My glory can come and touch, change, and transform you and your life.

Many of you claim to be My children, and yet your life does not reflect that. You live in fear of many things, but especially death. If you believe in My son who died for you, then you have nothing to fear. Just as when you were born, you went from life in one place to life in another place which was a bigger and better place. So, it will be for believers that die knowing Me. The enemy has deceived many into taking their own lives. What a tragedy, for those lives could have been touched and changed by Me. I desire for My children to have abundance and be blessed. Seek Me, cry out to Me. Turn from sin and evil ways that separate you from Me. Forgive – yourself, others and Me. Allow Me to touch your lives and bring blessings. Do not grieve over the loss of your loved ones that have come to Me for they are experiencing My love and their rewards. Rejoice for them. I am coming soon.

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