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Prophetic Word - November 24th, 2018

I am a God of covenant, I made a covenant with Adam and Eve and I made a covenant with Abraham. I keep My part of the covenants that I make. When you keep your part of a covenant with Me, then you will be blessed. I desire your obedience to the things that I have called you to do. Partial obedience in not obedience. I called Abraham to leave his kindred, but he brought his nephew, Lot with him, and he became a block to Abraham’s blessing. My promise to Abraham was not only for him but also to all his descendants. My covenant with you is not only for you but also for all your descendants. Many of you are concerned over your children and grandchildren; they are part of your covenant with Me, I will be faithful to them as I have been faithful to you.

Much is being spoken about what is to come and when. Keep your eyes on Me and My relationship with you. My relationship with you will allow you to find peace and security. I deal with each of My children on an individual basis. I know each of you intimately and deal with you each in a unique way just as you deal with your children. Some of My children can easily hear Me speak to them and respond quickly as they should. Other of My children do not hear Me and so need a more dramatic approach to get their attention and redirect their actions.

Throughout the world, there are many who are starving to death and impacted by disease. This does not need to be so. Begin to cry out to Me for justice and for Me to intervene in their situations that are creating these circumstances. I love all My children and am grieved by the way that they try to destroy one another. You think to yourself, what can I do to change any world circumstance, I do not have any power? That is not true. I call My people to come together and promise that when there are two or three people gathered together that I will be in their midst. Imagine then what power that 50 or 100 people praying together can accomplish! Stop thinking of prayers as just words but rather as effective weapons against the enemy backed with My power and authority. A few women in Wales praying for revival were responsible for helping to bring it about. People prayed for the Berlin Wall to come down, and it did. I am going to lay upon the hearts of My intercessors that which I am ready to change in this world when their prayers are lifted to Me. No one is too young or too old to pray. What do you want to see changed in your life or in the world? Then pray, pray more and pray with the expectation of seeing it come to pass.

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