• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - November 17th, 2018

Fire can be natural or spiritual. You are witnessing fires in various parts of the country that have destroyed whole towns. Spiritual fire also comes with power to ignite spiritual revival or a time of spiritual cleansing. Soon, you are about to see both in many arenas. Fire can purify and remove impurities and leave valuable metals behind. It can also allow metals to be molded into useful objects. What kind of fire does the church need? What kind of fire does this nation need? There are environments that allow fires to run rampant and destroy much because they remove materials that are dead and no longer useful. So, fires come and remove not only the dead material but everything around it. It is time to review the things in your life that need to be removed for you to be safe from a fire that destroys all in its path. I am ready to ignite a spiritual fire in this land and in other parts of the world. Many of My children are crying out to Me to come with holy fire, and I am ready to answer. As I look to and fro throughout the land, I see rising up people who are power hungry and who will use that power to harm and control people. So, My hand is being raised against them for the sake of My children. Three significant leaders will soon be removed. Few know the evil that is really behind them and the plans that they are trying to implement. Begin to cry out to Me for justice in the areas that affect your life and wait and see how I respond.

Many of you have so much to be thankful for, and yet each day I hear you complaining. Your life can change in a matter of minutes for good or for bad. As poor as you may feel that you are, you are amongst the richest people in the world. I provide to you so much more than just your daily bread and for some of you, it is still never enough. Begin to look at and evaluate what you have and how much of it you do not really need and give that to those who have little or nothing. You claim to be a part of a Christian nation, and yet, you live and let the government provide for the homeless and needy. I call My people to use what I have given them to help others, not just once or twice a year at Thanksgiving and Christmas but all the time. Be wise and discerning about who you help and how, as some choose to live off of others when they don’t need to. Ask Me how, what and when to give, and I will tell you. Do you want My holy fire to come to you? Cry out to Me, and I will send it.

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