• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - November 10th, 2018

You have prayed and prayed and prayed and by doing so you have set in motion many things. Right now, the answer to those prayers may not have manifested but, wait upon Me. Your answer may be coming in a different form than you expect. When you pray, your prayers are surrounded with expectations of how I will answer them and My answers don’t always conform to those expectations. What you pray and what someone else is praying may be asking for the exact opposite of each other so My answer needs to be what accomplishes My plans and purposes and not necessarily yours. That does not mean that you should not pray for what you believe to be best and from your heart. The variables that are in operation at any given time in a situation are enormous. Many forces are at work trying to bring about a given result and not all of these forces are working for good. Sometimes the essential result of prayer is not the final answer to the prayer. Give Me time to be at work through all the variables to bring them into alignment with My plans and purposes. Pray without ceasing and trust that I will answer your prayers as they come before Me and remain until they join up with the timing of all that needs to line up for My answer to be effective. Call on Me, and I will answer. Some of you have prayed for years and have still not seen an answer. Do not despair. My timing is perfect; never early and never late. For some of you, I had to do a work in you to prepare you for your answer and perhaps a work in someone else also. Give Me permission to change you and your heart to accept My answer and perfect will for you. I monitor your thoughts, your progress and your heart to know when you are ready to receive an answer. Just as with Daniel, the answer that you are waiting for is being held up by the enemy and a battle needs to be fought and won for you to finally have the answer. Some believers say to pray just once and then begin to thank me for the answer and wait for it. Others believe that they should keep praying until the answer comes. I say let My Holy Spirit direct how you pray and be at peace with how He directs you. An answer to prayer may be “no” which might be hard to receive, but if that is the answer, it is given in love and protection. It will be the answer to a prayer that tries to manipulate a person or a situation. Do not pray and ask Me to do harm to someone or something for this is praying amiss. Call upon Me for justice or truth to be known which will allow circumstances to deal with the situation. After you pray, wait and listen for Me to speak back to you. When you do not know how to pray, pray in your prayer language (tongues) during which My Spirit speaks to your spirit and you pray according to the direction of My Spirit. If you feel that you do not hear Me when I speak to you, ask for help from Me to hear better. Seek Me and you will find Me. My sheep hear My voice, and I hear and answer their prayers. Pray without ceasing.

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