• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - November 3rd, 2018

Deception, deception is everywhere trying to bring chaos and confusion. A great level of spiritual deception is at work as people are nearing breakthrough. The enemy is trying to make you question what you are to do. He is trying to throw roadblocks up to make you go in the wrong direction. Who are you listening to? Be careful about whom you are allowing to speak into your life. Not all prophets or people who claim to see things about you and your future are hearing those things from Me. Test what you hear as I will confirm it several times to you. If you go in the wrong direction based on what false prophets have told you, you may miss the path that I would have you go on and My timing for your life. This is exactly what the enemy would love to see happen. Beware --- Question anything that is being spoken to you that creates division and destroys My work through you. The enemy knows your points of weakness and questioning and will use them against you. Many of you are so close to breakthrough, and the enemy is taking out all his weapons to use against you so that you will make wrong choices from which you may not recover. Cry out to Me to help you. Do not try to fight this battle alone. Ask people to intercede for you. Fast and pray and seek Me with all your heart. Do not lean unto your own understanding (feelings). Trust in Me for your future as well as the present. Have I not kept you from harm and deception all these years? Have I not restored to you all that the enemy had taken away from you and given you back even more than you had? This battle is not a game or a mere happening. It is a battle over your destiny and will even impact your children and grandchildren as you are called to stand in the gap for them in many ways so this battle will literally affect generations to come.

A great shaking is coming both in the world and in the church which will cause many to fall away from Me. Keep your eyes on Me and listen for My Holy Spirit to direct your actions as well as your thinking. Once again, I call you to beware of whom you will listen to and follow. I used twelve men to turn the world upside down, and I will use My remnant to bring in the next great awakening. Choose to be a part of that remnant. Choose Me and My will for you so that you can be blessed mightily and used by Me mightily.


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