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Prophetic Word - October 26th, 2018

What is real and what has been staged to make you take your eyes off of what is truly happening? Is your life so busy that you don’t have time to stop and listen to the guidance that I am trying to give you? I am constantly speaking to each of you through different sources – media, dreams, visions, books, circumstances, other people and My Word. My desire is to help you in every circumstance of your life if you will let Me. I know that many choices that you have to make are difficult and can be fearful because a wrong choice can have severe consequences. Pray about your choices and listen for answers. Seek wise counsel from those who know you and love you and have no agenda for you.

Love and hate are very strong emotions that can dictate our choices and behaviors. Hate destroys. Love heals. I am a God who loves you but hates the sin that would try to destroy you and all that I have planned for you. Families are being torn apart by issues that create differences that get expressed in very negative ways - separation - rejection - isolation - condemnation. The family is what I created to be the founding block of society where children could be protected, grow and mature and become highly functioning members of society and of My Kingdom on earth. How are you helping your family to be this place? Because you have been wounded, you tend to allow those wounds to affect how you deal with other people. I am calling you to seek Me and ask Me to heal your soul wounds so that you can function in a loving manner. Some of those wounds are generational, some have been exacerbated by curses against you and some have been from demonic oppression. I am able to heal them regardless of what is affecting you. Choose healing and wholeness.

Many people throughout the world are being used and manipulated by others for power and position. They believe that they are being offered opportunities for a better life and so they follow the instructions that they have been given. However, what they believe and expect is often not what they receive. Many young people are being forced into the sex trafficking trade and are never heard from again. This is at epidemic proportions.

How long do you think that I am not going to deal with all the sins being perpetrated against My children born and unborn? The shedding of innocent blood feeds the evil that is rampant throughout the world and yes, even in America. Witches and their covens are joining together to curse the president and his family. The number of witches is increasing while those joining main line churches is decreasing. Evil is real and at work on a daily basis. Yes, there are even witches in churches rising to positions of influence to bring division and disruption to the church. The New Age Movement is on the rise and even some of its practices are infiltrating the church. Young people are especially vulnerable to this movement. There are angel tarot cards and angel boards similar to Ouija boards being sold which people believe to be harmless because they have angels on them. These are the lies of the enemy to deceive you and draw you in. Only a small percentage of Christians now have a biblical worldview. Many Christians have succumbed to a mixture of truth and lies. Wake up and check what is being taught to you and your children while there is still time. I am coming soon – much sooner than most of you think. Listen for the things that I am trying to tell you and warn you about.

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