• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - October 20th, 2018

It is time for all that has been hidden to be revealed and justice to be served. The corruption that is rampant in the government on both sides is going to be exposed and dealt with. Chaos and confusion have been used to hide much of what is going on, and it has been created and paid for. It is not normal protesting. Ask Me what you need to do to help stop the division that is being created through politics and political stands. After all, you will be affected by what takes place in many dramatic ways. The church, My people, need to rise up and take notice of what is happening and pray against it.

Today there has been a call for all witches to rise up and join together to pray against our leaders, especially President Trump. We need to begin to recognize that this is happening on a regular basis and especially at given times like Halloween. This is not an innocent holiday for children to go trick or treating. It is evil publicly showing itself and laughing at us participating unbeknownst to us of all that is really taking place. Do you think that the introduction of wizardry is just a coincidence in the Harry Potter series? And what about the New Age Movement that tells you that you have a divine nature and that you are like a god? Many participate in activities that they see as innocent but are far from it. Any activity that has a part in the occult opens the door for the enemy to come in … horoscopes, tarot cards, Ouija boards, fortune telling, going to mediums and even yoga. Beware of all of these things as well as participating in rituals and affiliation with organizations that serve Satan such as the masons. This organization has been part of American society since its early inception and has permeated many levels of politics and government. I would call you to be aware of all that you are a part of and what are its goals and belief systems and requirements.

I am truth and My ways are loving. I desire to protect you from all the wiles of the enemy which are many. Lies and deception are his tools with which he tries to mislead you and make you believe that you are not good or worthy to be saved or loved or valued. All of that are lies. I desire to have an intimate relationship with you where we spend time together, and you speak your heart to Me, and My Holy Spirit speaks My heart to you. Sin separates and divides all relationships but love and forgiveness brings closeness and the return of intimacy. I will never leave you or forsake you. Do not turn away from Me or leave Me.

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